Stress Reduction

We strongly believe that many imbalances are caused by high levels of stress, and we look at the stressors in your life and discuss ways that you might not have thought of to reduce some of these events.


Life Coaching

You might be frustrated with certain aspects of your life and you need guidance in dealing with them, and/or researching options and making choices about how to change these stress inducing aspects in your life. We can help you with both the research as well as the decision making process, and of course help you through the changes while they occur. Or perhaps you feel “stuck” in a phase of your life and want to expand your opportunities.


Home & Work Ergonomics

Many people suffer from physical pain and stiffness and may or may not realize that it is caused or aggravated by the way they move, stand, sit, and work at home and at work. Many things can cause discomfort, and we are trained in the proper movement of the body, and can consult you on changes that you can make to correct the conditions.



If you want more specific information about the imbalances within your body we can offer a number of different ways to get it. These include Iridology (the practice of looking at the irises of your eyes for constitution and possible weaknesses), muscle testing, reflexology of the hands and feet, hair mineral analysis, as well as other available tests.


Products & Supplements

We offer Standard Process Laboratories® nutritional food supplements, MediHerb, Inc.’s® herbal supplements, and homeopathic supplements from Boiron® and Bach Flower Remedies®. We also offer supplements from DeeCee Labs, Now Foods, Bluebonnet Nutrition, and have an apothecary of over 70 medicinal herbs.

Our Approach

Our primary goal is to teach our clients about eating healthy, whole “real” foods, and the healing that comes with nutritious food and drink

We compare what happens on a cellular level when you consume “junk” foods and drinks instead of whole foods. We provide you with easy ideas for eating healthier without spending too much time shopping or cooking.


Our services also include counseling on which dietary supplements might work best for you, including herbs, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, and homeopathic remedies.

Maggie has researched the supplement companies available in our store in depth, and she has a 20+ year relationship with most of them. She has been to most of their factories for tours and inspections, and knows the upper management personally. She was on the team of people who convinced MediHerb to offer its products in the U.S.A. and introduced them to the Standard Process family.

We will follow you over time and give you information on ways to improve every aspect of your life in small, easy to digest amounts. We don’t want to overwhelm you or give you anything that you are uncomfortable with.

We will teach you enough about natural health and supplements so that you can learn to adjust your supplements, foods, exercises, and stress relief training as you grow healthier and stronger.